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Climate-friendly school funding

This is a summary of potential funds that may be used for environmental projects at Manitoba schools.

NOTE: This list may not be up-to-date. For a current listing go to Manitoba Climate Change Funding Guide.


Funding for what?

Community Places Program (CPP)

Provides funding and planning assistance for facility construction, upgrading, expansion or acquisition projects.

Visit the Community Places Program website

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Financial support to community groups for projects that have measurable, positive impacts on the environment.

Visit the EcoAction website

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Environmental Youth Corps (EYC)

Allows Manitoba youth the opportunity to become involved in a variety of environmental activities.  Funding available to Project Sponsors for carrying out activities relating to environmental protection, enhancement, rehabilitation, conservation, and resource management.

Visit the EYC webpage

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Green Streets Canada (GSC)

Provide support for innovative best management practices and policies in municipal forest management.

Visit the Green Streets Canada website

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Green Students Fundraising (GSF)

Raise awareness and funds! Instead of selling chocolates why not sell eco-products to raise money for any school initiative?

Visit the Green Students Fundraising website

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Greening Canada's School Grounds  (GCSG)

Provides funding for projects that propose innovative, action-oriented ways to educate Canadians on the environment.

Visit Greening Canada's School Grounds website

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Home Depot & Evergreen Rebuilding Nature Grant

Provides funds for tools and materials for urban environmental stewardship projects.

Visit the Home Depot Rebuilding Nature website for more information

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Manitoba Hydro Forest Enhancement Program

Provides support to enhance and sustain forests in Manitoba by funding tree planting, forest education and innovative forest projects.

Visit the MB Hydro Forest Enhancement webpage

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MECY-ESD Categorical Grant

Manitoba Education Citizenship and Youth (MECY) allocates $700 for each funded school to support teaching and learning related to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the classroom and school community.

Visit MECY-ESD webpage

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MECY and MB Hydro ESD Grant

Awarded to 15 recipients each year with a value of up to $2000 to cover expenses for teacher release time, professional development and teaching/learning resources for sustainability education.

Visit the Manitoba Grants for Education for Sustainable Development 2010 webpage

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Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) Environment Fund

Supports local environmental and conservation projects that help preserve the quality of natural environment and educate people about environmental responsible outdoor adventure.

Visit the MEC Environment Fund webpage

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Sustainable Development Innovations (SDI) Fund Open Category

Provides funding for the development, implementation and promotion of environmental innovation and sustainable development projects.  Projects must be environmentally and ecologically sound, promote a sustainable approach, have clear environmental benefits and take into account benefits to the community and the economy.

Visit the Provincial webpage

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Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds School Ground Greening Grants

Provides financial support to publicly funded Canadian schools (JK–Grade 12) and not-for-profit daycares for onsite greening projects. Helps schools create outdoor classrooms to provide students with a healthy place to play, learn and develop a genuine respect for nature.

Visit the Evergeen website

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Walmart & Evergreen Green Grants

Helps fund community–based restoration and stewardship initiatives in urban and urbanized areas.

Visit the Evergreen wesite

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Waste Reducation and Pollution Prevention Fund (WRAPP)

Supports projects that focus on waste reduction, pollution prevention, and integrated waste management practices.

Visit the WRAPP webpage

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