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On this page, you will find suggestions in these five areas: Understand the fundamentals Think about climate change impacts Be…+

Lake Winnipeg biome

The types and abundance of biological species living in a water body or preserved in its sediments can inform us…+


When Manitobans think of the ocean, our minds either travel to the West or East coast. We often forget that…+

Ecosystems impacts

In this section, you will learn about climate change impacts on the following Manitoba ecosystems: Wetlands Grasslands Forests Wildlife Click…+

Forest impacts

On this page, we deal with these issues related to impacts of climate change on Manitoba forests: Magnitude of impact…+

Grasslands impacts

On this page, we deal with these issues related to climate change impacts on Manitoba grasslands: Grasslands Prairie wetlands Wildlife…+

Wetlands impacts

The tapestry of water and birds across the continent is likely to change in the years ahead. Coastal marshes are…+

How can we predict climate?

How can we talk about climate change over the next 100 years when we can’t be sure of tomorrow’s weather?…+

Are humans the cause?

Q1: How do scientists know human activities are causing the recent warming? Answer: Prior to the Industrial Revolution and subsequent…+

What about lag time?

In the past, carbon dioxide levels rose AFTER temperatures rose. Does this indicate that rising carbon dioxide levels today are an…+

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