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    Manitoba’s belugas have a chance to be protected

    Feb. 8, 2022 – The Narwhal – Near Churchill, conservation advocates are pushing the federal government to protect a huge…+


    When Manitobans think of the ocean, our minds either travel to the West or East coast. We often forget that…+

    Wildlife impacts

    On this page, you will learn about climate change impacts World Fish Insects Mammals Reptiles & amphibians Birds Arctic species…+

    Feedback processes

    Feedback processes either enhance (positive feedback) or weaken (negative feedback) the effect of climate change triggers. Feedback processes can be…+

    What might happen in the future?

    On this page, we address these topics about Manitoba’s climate: How hot might it get? Globally Canada Manitoba What is…+

    Natural processes

    There are many naturally occurring processes that influence the climate – causing it to either warm or cool. These natural…+

    Other observed changes

    With satellites, instrument data, and a range of other tools scientists are able to identify many other changes occurring around the…+

    Global climate

    On this page, we deal with these issues related to global climate and climate change: Global averages Temperature Precipitation Click…+


    We have observed a greater degree of warming in the Arctic than other parts of the world. Sea ice and…+

    What causes climate change?

    In this section, you will learn about the following key mechanisms that change the climate – now and in the past: Feedback…+

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