Is the climate changing?

The Earth and the SunIn this section, we look at the following avenues of scientific evidence that clearly show that the climate is changing:

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Scientists are able to identify and measure many effects on the natural world as indicators of climate change (we’ve just covered a few):

  • ocean air temperature
  • decrease in sea ice extent
  • Northern hemisphere snow cover
  • ocean heat content
  • inland lake temperature
  • rising sea levels
  • glacier retreat
  • temperatures in the troposphere
  • specific humidity
  • temperature over land
  • temperatures in the stratosphere
  • sea surface temperature

These profound changes are affecting people, animals, insects and plants. The entire living world is feeling the effect of a changing climate.

This 4-minute video from the US National Research Council explains how scientists have arrived at the current state of understanding about recent climate change and its causes.

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