In this section, we provide three areas of guidance and support to help lead your community to GHG reductions and climate resilience:

  • Educate – Fundamental background knowledge about climate change and links to learn more
  • Motivate – Lessons and tips from past climate change leaders to inspire and encourage you to take action
  • Activate – Tools and resources you can use to get the ball rolling in your community

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Are you interested in building momentum and inspiring action against climate change in your community? This section will help you to get started and do something!

Up to half of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed directly or indirectly to municipalities. (1)

Are you a community leader? You could be. Anyone can become a leader when it comes to taking action on climate change. By taking steps to engage, empower and educate your community about climate change, you can lead your community in planting the foundation for a sustainable future.

Taking pro-active steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is critical because climate change may affect all aspects of our communities, including transportation, agriculture, water.

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