Climate Change Connection is a charitable non-government organization working to

    • educate Manitobans about climate change. We build awareness of climate change so Manitobans will reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – both individually and as a community.
    • facilitate climate change solutions. We work to expand our network and get involved with people and groups who are working toward climate change solutions.

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    Climate Change Connection is part of the Tides Canada Shared Platform.

    Our Mission

    Climate Change Connection aims to make Manitobans aware of climate change facts and to inspire them to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to build climate resilient communities

    Our history

    We  started in January 2002 as part of Canada’s effort to meet our Kyoto Protocol objectives.

    Centres were created in each province and territory to serve as inter-connected information hubs. That network no longer exists formally, but we still work with our current partners to connect Manitobans to climate change facts and solutions.

    Governance & funding

    • Tides Canada Initiatives Society’s Board of Directors holds full legal and fiduciary responsibility for our project.
    • The Project Leadership comprises the Project Director and the members of our Steering Committee. Day-to-day stewardship, fundraising and strategic guidance is delegated to the Project Leadership by Tides Canada Management and Board of Directors.
    • The Steering Committee is a volunteer group that provides strategic and financial oversight, but doesn’t have governance and fiduciary responsibility.
    • Primary funding has been provided by the Province of Manitoba.
      • We also accept donations and grants. Donations are tax deductible.
    • We work to objectives, deliverables, and metrics laid out in our annual work plan.
      • We report progress twice a year.

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