Community workshops

Presenting the futureSince 2002, Climate Change Connection has provided one-day workshops for 13 different communities across Manitoba.

Representatives from a variety of relevant sectors were invited, including provincial, municipal and civic governments, agriculture, energy, health, education, industry and First Nations.

Community Workshops on Climate Change have three objectives:

  • Educate participants about climate change science, impacts, and solutions
  • Engage participants to take action
  • Support participants by providing the ideas, resources, and contacts to take action in their communities and to further educate others

Why communities?

Up to half of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions are under the direct or indirect influence of municipal governments. With small changes to decision making, planning, and priorities, Manitobans can create climate-friendly communities while continuing to develop economically.

Communities can take action in the areas of

  • transportation
  • agriculture
  • waste management
  • energy efficiency


To find out what happened at previous workshops download the proceedings below:

NOTE: Agendas were different for each Community Workshop on Climate Change.


Click the topics below to see a synopsis and to download a copy of presentations we have made at past conferences:

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  • Climate Change and its Global Impacts
  • Understanding Kyoto
  • Communities as Part of the Solution
  • Municipal Mitigation Options
  • PowerSmart for Business
  • Manitoba Hydro’s Earth Power Program

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