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    Climate change is pushing up food prices — and worrying central banks

    July 2, 2024 – Financial Times – Shifting weather patterns are reducing crop yields and squeezing supplies, creating what could…+

    Manitoba Food Rescue & Emissions Reduction Project

    Feed People Not Landfills

      Donate Now Revolutionizing Food Storage with 40ft Refrigerated Shipping Containers New Freezer Warehouse/Cold Storage Space   Did you know…+


    Now that you are educated and motivated, you can start to draw on the energy of the people in your…+


    You will need to develop people power and build enthusiasm to really get your community’s climate change efforts moving. On…+


    On this page, you will find suggestions in these five areas: Understand the fundamentals Think about climate change impacts Be…+


    In this section, we provide three areas of guidance and support to help lead your community to GHG reductions and climate…+

    Community impacts

    On this page, you will see how climate change will affect Rural communities Rural society Community policy Northern communities Permafrost…+

    Community workshops

    Since 2002, Climate Change Connection has provided one-day workshops for 13 different communities across Manitoba. Representatives from a variety of…+

    Climate Change Boot Camps

    No push ups, no 10 km runs. Instead, this Boot Camp is an opportunity to exercise your desire to take…+


    The solutions to climate change is not up to the experts, it’s up to all of us. In this section,…+

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