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    Hannah Ritchie: ‘Doomsday predictions are a dream for climate deniers

    Jan. 2, 2024 – The Guardian – The scientist, whose book Not the End of the World offers a data-based…+

    Measuring methane intensity is a key step on the path to net zero

    Dec. 26, 2023 – The Conversation – After Canada and the United States both announced new policy measures to address oil and gas methane…+

    Science vs greed at COP28

    Dec. 11, 2023 – Katherine Hayhoe – Recently, the COP28 President claimed, in response to a grilling by the indomitable Mary…+

    Global deal to phase out fossil fuels is in trouble

    Nov. 30, 2023 – Politico – UAE officials running the talks are warning it may be impractical to call for…+

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