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    Young US voters like candidates who favour environment, but may not show up to vote

    Oct 28, 2014 – Huffington Post WASHINGTON – Young voters are much more likely than senior citizens to say they’ll…+


    We have engaging and experienced presenters who would be happy to come out and provide a presentation for your school…+

    As a consumer

    Click here for the CLIMATE-FRIENDLY EATING GUIDE On this page, you will learn about what sustainable consumption is what influences…+

    Alternate energy sources

    When we speak of alternate energy, we are talking about electrical energy sources that are alternatives to fossil fuels. In…+

    Forestry adaptation

    The boreal forest is the ecosystem that is expected to be affected the most by future climatic changes. This is…+

    Ecosystem adaptation

    Just as we need to build adaptive capacity into human systems to prepare for climate change, we should aim to…+

    Lake Winnipeg biome

    The types and abundance of biological species living in a water body or preserved in its sediments can inform us…+

    Lake Winnipeg impacts

    In this section, we explain key aspects of Lake Winnipeg Lake Winnipeg biome Lake Winnipeg water dynamics Click a link…+

    Water quality

    Less water from precipitation and glacial runoff will have an enormous impact on water quality in Manitoba and across the…+

    Water impacts

    In this section, you will find out more about how climate change is affecting and is expected to affect: Oceans…+

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