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Lights, computers…

Living a climate-friendly lifestyle is in the details, too. Small changes – the flick of a switch, replacing a light…+

Solar power

There’s no shortage of sunlight in Manitoba in the summertime. It has the potential to give us abundant, clean energy…+

Financial incentives

On this page, we will briefly introduce the following financial incentives that are available to help you improve your energy efficiency:…+

Green building standards

 On this page, we will briefly introduce the following “green building” construction standards and programs available and show you where to…+


On this page, you will find information about the climate change actions taking place at various levels of government in…+

Hydroelectric energy

On this page, we address the following topics related to hydroelectric power in Manitoba: Advantages Difficulties Current situation Future possibilities…+

CCC Steering Committee

In addition to our chairperson and their organization, we have representatives of 8 other organizations on our Steering Committee. On…+

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