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    Boiling point? Canada’s warming oceans enter uncharted territory

    Aug. 14, 2023 – The National Observer – Increased marine warming due to human-caused climate change has been expected and…+

    Climate records tumble, leaving Earth in uncharted territory – scientists

    July 22, 2023 – BBC – A series of climate records on temperature, ocean heat, and Antarctic sea ice have…+


    When Manitobans think of the ocean, our minds either travel to the West or East coast. We often forget that…+

    Water quality

    Less water from precipitation and glacial runoff will have an enormous impact on water quality in Manitoba and across the…+

    Water impacts

    In this section, you will find out more about how climate change is affecting and is expected to affect: Oceans…+

    Global climate

    On this page, we deal with these issues related to global climate and climate change: Global averages Temperature Precipitation Click…+

    Is the climate changing?

    In this section, we look at the following avenues of scientific evidence that clearly show that the climate is changing:…+

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