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    The National Interest, Part 1: the Carbon Tax, Inflation & Climate Change Policy in Canada

    Apr. 9, 2024 – Dougald Lamont – The math is clear: the carbon tax is not the cause of people’s…+

    Conservatives to challenge PM to hold ‘carbon tax emergency meeting’ with premiers

    Apr. 9. 2024 –  IPOLITICS AM – With the spring supply cycle now officially underway, the Conservatives are set to…+

    Letter: Blaming carbon tax for inflation in Canada is ludicrous

    Apr. 7, 2024 – Saskatoon Star Phoenix – Pierre Poilievre and a number of premiers are campaigning hard to gather…+

    Mother Nature Pulls the Economic Cart

    Dec. 6, 2023 – Winnipeg Free Press – Premier Wab Kinew has adopted the saying, “the economic horse pulls the…+

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