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Forestry adaptation

The boreal forest is the ecosystem that is expected to be affected the most by future climatic changes. This is…+

Community adaptation

On this page, you will learn about adaptation in: Urban centres Extreme weather events Drought Heat stress Green space Rural communities Flooding…+

Adaptive capacity

People on the Prairies have experience adapting to changes in the weather. As for change in climate, we have the…+

Agriculture solutions

In this section you’ll find suggestions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from farming practices. These are tried and true practices…+

Agricultural adaptation

On this page we deal with two aspects of agricultural adaptation in Manitoba Key issues Moisture Insects, weeds, & disease…+

Water quality

Less water from precipitation and glacial runoff will have an enormous impact on water quality in Manitoba and across the…+

Extreme heat & health

Climate change scenarios predict longer, hotter summers across the Prairie Provinces. Spring would arrive earlier, summer would last longer and…+

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