Winnipeg biking – Future of Transportation

    The attitude toward cycling in Winnipeg is changing due in no small part to people like Anders Swanson and Beth McKechnie.

    • Prairie Climate Centre

      The U of W and IISD have developed an interactive Climate Atlas ( for modelling possible future climates for the Prairies.

    • Earth Day 2016

      ShawTV’s Jessica Cable interview’s CCC’s Curt Hull for Earth Day 2016.

    • Reel Green 2016 feature films

      Ian Mauro and Trevor Gill discuss their Reel Green films with Global News.

    • FRESH: Walking school bus

      Fresh Story about setting up and participating in a “Walking school bus”

    • FRESH: Care share

      FRESH story about how a young family is using a car share to minimize their greenhouse gas emissions and save money.

    • Climate Change Deniers’ Anthem

      In a video spoof by Funny or Die, the Koch Brothers pay celebrities to sing a climate change deniers’ anthem.

    • COP21 Explained

      Grist explains the Paris climate negotiations by using the analogy of a dinner party.

    • “Racing Extinction” Official Trailer

      “Racing Extinction” film launches Dec 2 on Discovery Channel. “This is a movie that defines an issue that the entire world must pay attention to.”

    • Open Letter to World Leaders

      People are standing together to demand a strong climate agreement in Paris and a healthy future for the planet.

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