Greta Thunberg Climate Strike

    Greta Thunberg tells it like it is. Our children don’t need our hope. They need our action. Now.

    • Boiling the Frog (Ep4)

      Senator Al Franken is impressed that David Letterman went to India to find out what the Indians are doing about climate change.

    • Boiling the Frog (Ep3)

      Senator Al Franken wants David Letterman to hear about a real solution to climate change.

    • Boiling The Frog (Ep2)

      Senator Al Franken tells David Letterman about who is behind a lot of the inaction in Washington.

    • Boiling The Frog (Ep1)

      This is the first of a 6 part series from Funny or Die and National Geographic with Al Franken.

    • Ride Bikes, Fall in Love

      Fall in love with Winnipeg’s Bike Week video. Because in the end, its not about bikes at all.

    • Old People Don’t Care About Climate Change

      Some old people have a funny way of looking at climate change.

    • Human Transit – Jarrett Walker

      May 12, 2107 – Jarrett Walker presents “Human Transit” at Manitoba Museum

    • Jarrett Walker: Transit #1

      Prior to his Winnipeg visit May 11 2017, we asked international transit expert Jarrett Walker: “Why are you passionate about Transit?”

    • Science in America – Neil deGrasse Tyson

      Science is under attack by the Republican administration in the USA. We offer this 4-min video “Science in America” with words of warning from Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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