Fresh Stories

    Biodiesel: Fuelled by French Fries

    Denis makes his own biodiesel from french fries. Enough said.







    Local Food @ Sisler High School

    Sisler High School has been learning and working towards practicing sustainable lifestyles. One group of students, called the Green Thumbs, are exploring first-hand the importance of growing local food.





    Winnipeg Folk Festival

    Environmental sustainability is a core value of the Winnipeg Folk Festival, and has been for a long time. Check out the Winnipeg Folk Festival’s sustainability initiatives from composting to bike-to-site.





    St. Norbert Farmers’ Market

    Winnipeg’s largest and most exciting Farmer’s Market. Everything is made, baked, or grown by Manitobans. Learn about their efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and how your shopping there can lead to a more sustainable lifestyle!



    Lennard Taylor

    Fashion can be socially and environmentally responsible. For local fashion designers Lennard Taylor, fashion and clothing aren’t disposable. Go behind the scenes in understanding Lennard Taylor’s inspiration for sustainable design.




    The WRENCH

    The WRENCH (Winnipeg Repair Education and Cycling Hub) is a non-profit organization that strives to make bikes and knowledge of bicycle repair and maintenance accessible to the public. The WRENCH’s mission is to create stronger, healthier communities by removing barriers to building, repairing and maintaining bicycles – with a focus on educating youth.



    BUILD – an acronym for Building Urban Industries for Local Development – is a social enterprise non-profit contractor and a training program for people who face barriers to employment. BUILD retrofits homes with insulation and high-efficiency toilets as well as water-and-energy-saving devices. Their work lowers utility bills, employs neighbourhood people, cuts crime, and decreases greenhouse gas emissions.


    A “Glowing” Review for Local Eco-Gym

    It’s not everyday a business can brand themselves as plastic-free and chemical-free. In fact, entrepreneur Katie Hartle believes she may be the first gym in the area to do so. Glow Fitness for Women, located in downtown Selkirk, recently opened its doors- and the eyes of its customers- with a wide range of environmentally-friendly features.


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