Agricultural adaptation - reference list

    Agricultural adaptation – reference list

    1) Manitoba Clean Environment Commission and International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), 2001, Manitoba and Climate Change: A Primer, page 11,

    2) H.Venema, IISD, 2005, From Cumulative Threats to Integrated Responses: A review of Ag-Water Policy Issues in Prairie Canada, paper presented at OECD workshop on Agriculture and Water: Sustainability, markets and policies, Austrailia 2005, page 12

    3) Environment Canada, R. Herrington, B. Johnson, F. Hunter, 1997, Responding to Global Climate Change in the Prairies, Volume III of the Canada Country Study: Climate Impacts and Adaptation,

    4) IISD, 2007, Indicators of Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change for Agriculture in the Prairie Region of Canada, page 5,

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