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Problems caused by idling

There are a number of problems associated with idling: It’s expensive It’s bad for breathing It’s bad for children It’s…+


In this section, you will learn about Problems caused by idling “Turn Your Key – This School is Idle-Free“ presentations for…+

Air Travel

On this page, we review the following topics related to air travel: Greenhouse gases Increased usage trends Alternatives Hydrogen Maglev…+


On this page, you will find info on the following ways to improve fuel efficiency and reduce climate-changing emissions from…+

Public transportation

Winnipeg Transit has noted that, during rush hour in Winnipeg, there is an average of 1.2 persons per car. At…+

Active transportation

On this page, you will learn how active transportation benefits your body your community employers the environment Click a link in…+

Alternative fuels

On this page, we deal with the following carbon-based alternative fuels: Ethanol Biodiesel Natural gas Propane Methanol Click a link…+

Greener driving

On this page, we discuss the following ways we can do our part to reduce emissions from car travel: Car…+


In this section, you will learn about Active transportation Air travel Airships Alternative fuels Greener cars Greener driving choices Greener…+

Vision for the future

On this page, you will see a (Utopian?) vision of a better future; a future that has been enhanced because of…+

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