Boiling The Frog (Ep2)

    Senator Al Franken tells David Letterman about who is behind a lot of the inaction in Washington.

    • High Frequency: Why Houston is Back on the Bus

      Every city (including Winnipeg) should do a “system reimagining” of their bus network like Houston METRO did.

    • “Before the Flood” movie trailer

      Watch the trailer for Leonardo DiCaprio’s 2016 climate change documentary “Before the Flood”

    • Our Future

      Morgan Freeman narrates this hopeful, short film produced by the United Nations about the need to solve the climate crisis.

    • Vancouver Kinder Morgan messages

      Aug 17, 2016 – Hundreds of people in Vancouver delivered 114,000+ messages from across Canada asking the government to reject the Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline proposal.

    • Not Reality TV

      At the 2016 US Democratic National Convention, director James Cameron presented a new video with Hollywood stars and stories of people impacted by climate change around the world.

    • Prairie Climate Centre

      The U of W and IISD have developed an interactive Climate Atlas ( for modelling possible future climates for the Prairies.

    • Earth Day 2016

      ShawTV’s Jessica Cable interview’s CCC’s Curt Hull for Earth Day 2016.

    • FRESH: Walking school bus

      Fresh Story about setting up and participating in a “Walking school bus”

    • FRESH: Care share

      FRESH story about how a young family is using a car share to minimize their greenhouse gas emissions and save money.

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