Food Rescue & Emissions Reduction

Let's Feed People Not Landfills. We are working to establish a new freezer warehouse in Winnipeg that will store large volumes of rescued food and get it to those in need. Good food is ending up in our landfills, when it rots it produces methane gas, which quickly heats up the planet. Learn more.

Why climate action groups are calling for geothermal heating in Manitoba

Manitoba’s Climate Action Team (CAT) is calling on Manitoba Hydro to create a geothermal utility as a way to save residents money and reduce electricity demand. Read more  

Thank you Gay Lea Foundation!

For supporting the Manitoba Food Rescue and Emissions Reduction project! Their generous support will go towards the establishment of a low-cost freezer warehouse in Winnipeg! To help increase the capacity of our local food banks. Read more.

Empowering Youth - to Take Action

We work with youth to inspire hope through climate action. Through special hands-on projects like Depave Paradise, School Waste Reduction Challenges, Idle Free School Zones and hosting Youth Empowerment Conferences. Learn more.

Educating Manitobans on Climate Change

We provide free community workshops, classroom presentations, and teacher bootcamps to educate Manitobans on climate change. < Request a presentation!


  • Trudeau outlines details of $30B, 10-year fund for public transit

    July 17, 2024 – CBC – Applications opened Wednesday for two streams in the federal government’s new $30-billion public transit fund, even though the money won’t start flowing for another two years, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.


  • Attributing Canada’s June heat wave to climate change is an important step in adapting to a warmer world

    July 16, 2024 – The Conversation – This June saw major heat waves across Canada with peak temperatures — measured over a three-day period — of 7.4 C in eastern Ontario, 10.7 C in southern Québec, 7.2 C in northern Québec and 10.6 C in Atlantic Canada. On June 19, more than 100 locations across Canada set new heat records for that day, with Bathurst, N.B., being the hottest at 37.6 C. The year 2023 was the globally hottest year on record.


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  • Fossil fuel subsidies cost Canadians a lot more money than the carbon tax

    Apr. 1, 2024 – The Conversation Canada – The federal carbon tax increase is now in effect, and will raise gas prices by three cents per litre in most Canadian provinces. The hike prompted complaints from seven premiers and a recent parliamentary showdown, culminating in a failed vote of non-confidence in the Liberal government. Yet this ongoing debate overlooks a far costlier carbon tax: fossil fuel subsidies.

  • Carbon Pricing

    Want to understand how carbon pricing works in Manitoba? Or the impact various carbon prices would have on the price of fossil fuels that Manitobans typically buy?

    Learn more

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