Vote for the Climate - Manitoba Election 2023!

We are only a few short days away from the provincial election in Manitoba. Climate commitments are more important now than ever. Climate action is key to our collective well being - good for the planet and our economy. Learn more

Consider Climate!

Manitoba needs leaders whose policies, laws, and budgets Consider Climate – And you can be part of making that happen! Learn more

Climate Friendly Schools

Get your school informed and engaged in addressing climate change. We offer resources and supports, you can book a  classroom presentation for your school. Learn more 

Manitoba's Road to Resilience

Manitoba can meet the goals set out in the IPCC’s 1.5 report. We have a community climate plan to do it. Learn more

Canadians' Perspectives on Climate Change & Education: 2022

How should the Canadian education system respond to the climate crisis? Read the latest report by Learning for Sustainable Futures. Read more


  • Young voters disappointed by lack of concrete climate plans in Manitoba election

    Sept. 29, 2023 – CBC – ‘None of the parties have really put out any climate action plans’ that will meet targets: environmentalist’.


  • For corporate profits, inflation is the gift that keeps on giving

    Sept. 28, 2023 – The National Observer – By far, the largest beneficiaries of inflation have been the oil and gas extraction and mining industries, which, in an era of climate change, is not what we want.


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  • Carbon Pricing

    Want to understand how carbon pricing works in Manitoba? Or the impact various carbon prices would have on the price of fossil fuels that Manitobans typically buy?

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  • Resources for schools

    We’ve updated our Climate Friendly Schools section of our website. Get tools and inspiration to help get your school informed and engaged in addressing climate change.

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