Mayoral Forum on the Environment

Winnipeg's plan for net-zero emissions

July 2, 2022 - Winnipeg Free Press. In order to decarbonize by 2050, Manitoba’s capital needs to make big changes. A brand new roadmap lays out the path — now it’s up to the city to see it through.

Students at Miles MacDonell Collegiate Build Paradise - Tear up the Parking lot

In an effort to add greenspace and reduce the impacts of extreme weather due to our changing climate, students have led the charge in transforming staff parking stalls into a green gathering space. Read more

Climate Change Survey


Educators, parents, students and members of the general public: Learning for Sustainable Futures needs to hear your voice on the importance of climate change education in Canada!

This is a nationwide survey to assess Canadians’ perceptions and understanding of Climate Change and how the education system should respond.

Road to Resilience


The Climate Action Team has launched Manitoba’s Road to Resilience - an achievable and concrete pathway to a better future.

It shows what is needed to feed, shelter, transport goods & people, and produce electricity without the use of fossil fuels, with foundational chapters on nature, green jobs, and the human impacts of climate change.


  • Pope calls for courage in halting use of fossil fuels to protect planet

    Sept. 24, 2022 – The Guardian – Pontiff tells young people he is pinning his hopes on their efforts to safeguard environment and help the poor.

    Pope Francis has called for courage in abandoning fossil fuels and lamented that older generations did not know how to protect the planet and secure peace.

    The pope, who was visiting Assisi, the birthplace of his namesake saint who was close to nature, told young people on Saturday that he was pinning his hopes on their efforts in working to save the planet and to make the world’s economy more attentive to the poor.


  • Climate Change Could Cost The Global Economy $23 Trillion By 2050

    Sept. 24, 2022 – – The U.S. federal government alone could spend between $25 billion and $128 billion each year in such areas as coastal disaster relief, flood insurance and crop insurance.

    A new report from Oxford University found that switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy could save the world a whopping $12 trillion US dollars by just 2050.


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  • Recent changes on our website…

    May 12, 2022We have updated 5 website pages in the “GHG Emissions – Manitoba” section. Manitoba Greenhouse Gas (GHG) data has been updated to include 2020. The Large Final Emitter page in this section will be updated soon.


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