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Space For Rent

Email Manitoba Eco-Network: Glen Koryluk

or call: (204) 947-6511

There is office space now available for rental in the Manitoba Eco-Centre for your non-profit organization.

This sunny, well-appointed space is on the 3rd Floor of the Mountain Equipment Coop building (303 Portage Ave)

IPCC 1.5℃ Report Analysis


to a 1-sheet PDF Summary of the IPCC 1.5℃ report including suggestions for a strategy to help us prepare for this future.

The IPCC released a report on how quickly we need to take carbon out of the atmosphere to limit global warming to 1.5°C and avoid its most destructive consequences.

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  • Canadians are worried about climate change, but many don’t want to pay taxes to fight it: Poll

    Jun 18, 2019 – CBC News –

    While nearly two-thirds of Canadians see fighting climate change as a top priority, half of those surveyed would not shell out more than $100 per year in taxes to prevent climate change, the equivalent of less than $9 a month.


  • House of Commons declares a climate emergency ahead of pipeline decision

    Jun 17, 2019 – CBC News –

    The House of Commons has passed a non-binding motion to “declare that Canada is in a national climate emergency which requires…” that Canada meet its Paris Agreement commitments and make reductions “to keep global warming below 1.5℃.”


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