• Has the world started to take climate change fight seriously?

      Sept 30, 2020 – BBC News –

      Chinese President, Xi Jinping has announced that China will cut emissions to net zero by 2060. China accounts for 28% of global GHG emissions. (The US for 15%) They are committing to cut that back to virtually zero within 40 years.

    • Food – from farm to fork and beyond – may be key to Paris emission goals, UN says

      Sep 11, 2020 – National Observer –

      “There are many aspects of the food system that are exacerbating climate change, but it’s the sector that’s been one of the first to be hit by climate change, and it’s also where we can do something to reduce emissions.” – Sophia Murphy, IISD food systems and expert

    • Oil Companies Wonder If It’s Worth Looking for Oil Anymore

      Aug 16, 2020 – Bloomberg –

      European oil majors have made some uncomfortable admissions in recent months: oil and gas worth billions of dollars might never be pumped out of the ground – so why explore for more?
    • Geothermal and The Clean Dream

      Aug 15, 2020 – Winnipeg Free Press –

      Natural gas is often touted as a green alternative, but it’s still a fossil fuel. We need other energy sources to reach our goal of zero GHG emissions

    • Cloudy outlook for pipelines gets even murkier amid court rulings, U.S. election

      Jul 13 2020 – CBC News –

      This past week, two North American pipelines were dealt legal and regulatory setbacks and another major project was cancelled. These events and others call into question the wisdom of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s decision to invest $1.1 billion US in the Keystone XL pipeline, plus $4.2-billion in loan guarantees. Why must Alberta’s leadership continue to tie that province’s economic future so completely on oil?

    • Global temperatures could exceed 1.5 C target in next five years

      Jul 9 2020 – CNN –
      There is now one chance in 5 that one of the next five years will be at least 1.5℃ warmer than pre-industrial levels. That probability is “increasing with time.” This flies in the face of the determination of the Paris climate accord – arrived at just 5 years ago. Countries are committed to reduce their carbon output and halt global warming below 2℃ – and if possible, below 1.5℃ – by the end of the century. But here we are…

    • June 2020 ties temperature record

      Jul 8 2020 – Discover –

      Last month finished in a virtual tie for warmest June on record. Temperature records now show that last month’s global temperatures were 0.53℃ warmer than the long-term average for June. That’s a virtual tie with June of 2019. In particular, extraordinary warmth in Siberia helped push the global average for the month into that record-tying territory. Temperatures across the entire region averaged about 13℃ above normal last month.

    • ‘Million-mile’ vehicle batteries are coming. Are they a revolution?

      Jul 6 2020 – Grist –

      Two hundred thousand miles is considered a good, long run for a new car today. Recently, multiple EV battery makers have announced the imminent arrival of “million-mile” batteries, power packs that supposedly have enough juice to be driven to the moon and back twice.

    • California makes history with zero-emission Clean Trucks rule

      Jun 30, 2020 – GreenBiz –

      California’s new Advanced Clean Trucks rule will require truck makers to sell an increasing number of clean, zero-emission trucks in California. Beginning in 2024, manufacturers must increase their zero-emission truck sales to between 30 to 50 percent; by 2030 and 40 to 75 percent by 2035; and by 2045, all of California’s truck fleet must be 100 percent zero-emission.

    • Jet stream: Is climate change causing more ‘blocking’ weather events?

      Jun 12, 2020 – CarbonBrief –

      This spring has been unusually cool in Manitoba. Meanwhile, it’s been UK’s sunniest spring on record and Siberia has had a dramatic heatwave and “zombie wildfires”. The phenomenon behind this are persistent high-pressure “blocking” weather systems – another indication of how climate change is affecting the jet stream.

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