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Want to make a difference in your school or community? Learning for a Sustainable Future provides funding for students and teachers to engage their school and community in sustainability Action Projects. 

Climate Friendly Schools

Get your school informed and engaged in addressing climate change. We offer resources and supports and you can book a  classroom presentation for your school.   Learn more - click here.

Idle Free Zones

To encourage the reduction of unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions, we offer “Healthy Communities Don’t Idle” Idle Free Zone traffic signs. Contact us to order your sign today! Learn more - click here.

Manitoba’s Road to Resilience: Energy Solutions

We did the math. Manitoba can save money and make a climate transition to keep future generations safe. Learn more click here.

Winnipeg's plan for net-zero emissions

July 2, 2022 - Winnipeg Free Press. In order to decarbonize by 2050, Manitoba’s capital needs to make big changes. A brand new roadmap lays out the path — now it’s up to the city to see it through.


  • Droughts, floods and extreme heat: here’s how Manitoba is grappling with its water woes

    Nov. 23 – The Narwhal – The Manitoba government is taking a first step toward dealing with water issues made worse by climate change. From nutrient-rich wetlands and 100,000 lakes to a dry southern region and an Arctic port, Manitoba is a province defined by water — after all, nearly a fifth of the province is covered in it. Now, in an update nearly 20 years in the waiting, the Manitoba government has released a strategy to manage its water resources — factoring in the impacts of a warming climate for the first time.


  • How climate change has helped greener energy businesses take off in Canada

    Nov. 22, 2022 – CBC  – Rush to beat heat waves and cold snaps during extreme weather drives demand for solar, and electric options. Many Canadian businesses have been hit hard in the last few years by everything from the pandemic to the war in Ukraine and climate change. But for some, climate change has been a boon, in part because of government grants meant to increase energy efficiency as Canada aims for net-zero emissions by 2050.


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  • Climate change solutions found through our youth, an opportunity to get started

    Nov. 14, 2022 – The Manitoba Government – is encouraging the engagement of the next generation and the environment by accepting applications for the Youth Advisory Council on Climate. Applications are due at midnight on November 30, 2022.

  • Recent changes on our website…

    May 12, 2022We have updated 5 website pages in the “GHG Emissions – Manitoba” section. Manitoba Greenhouse Gas (GHG) data has been updated to include 2020. The Large Final Emitter page in this section will be updated soon.


Great day today attending @MEIAmb 's - 2022 Cleantech Emerging Issues Conference - MB's biggest cleantech conference. Excellent keynote presentation with @DavidSuzuki - great meeting up with local leaders like Colleen Kuruluk, CEO of @EfficiencyMB!

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