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    Biodiesel: Fuelled by French Fries

    Denis makes his own biodiesel from french fries. Enough said.







    Eco-Centre volunteer’s FRESH advice: Be Aware

    GlobeHands_croppedMy name is Francine and I am a volunteer for the Manitoba Eco-Network and Climate Change Connection. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies and Urban Development. I recently finished a 9 month Eco-Internship, where I helped a company develop an environmental sustainability plan.

    Here’s what I do in my personal life to be “green”.


    Local commuter takes on idling Transit buses!


    It was just like any morning that Richard catches his bus to get to work (okay he is also an avid cyclist!). This particular bus is one that sits and waits for about ten minutes at the stop before starting their morning route.

    One day, Richard decided to ask the driver to turn off his engine and stop idling until he was ready to depart.


    Fighting climate change one step at a time

    Walking_iStock_000001710313XSmallTara C-K walks to work year round. She is part of a two-car family, but she chooses to leave her car parked in the driveway. It takes her 30 minutes to get to work in the morning, a little longer in heavy snow.

    By choosing to frequent businesses that are close to her home, she has managed to cut down her driving by 50%.


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