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LCD ProjectorWe have engaging and experienced presenters who would be happy to come out and provide a presentation for your school or classroom.

These presentations are FREE and can be tailored to your interests and needs – Request a Presentation.  We will provide age-appropriate, science-based, interactive, and solution focused presentations.  These presentations will be fun, educational but also uplifting so the audience feels informed and hopeful.

The following are examples of presentations we have created and delivered.

Be an Eco-Superhero

By using creative movement, students will share experiences they have had in nature.  We will discuss what it means to protect and why protection is so important.  This presentation is rooted in movement to make sure students are actively participating and having fun.  Students will walk away with an appreciation for nature, an understanding of protection, and ideas on how they can be an eco-superhero protecting our Earth.

(K to Grade 2)

I’m an Environmentalist

Students will learn about what it means to be an environmentalist.  Students will learn about Manitoba issues and learn about protecting nature, air, water and our soils.  Students will discuss actions they could take to protect the Earth.

(Grade 3 to Grade 6)

Climate Change & Manitoba

Through storytelling and engaging pictures, we will discuss weather and climate. What is climate change? Why is this happening? What’s wrong with warmer temperatures? How are Manitobans and Manitoba animals impacted? What can we do about it?

(Grade 5 to Grade 8)

Turn Your Key – This School is Idle-Free

Does your school have an idle-free zone?  These presentations teach students about the importance in taking action and how these signs help reduce pollution, increase safety, and save money.  We use these signs as a starting point for more discussion about action.  Contact us to buy a sign and provide interactive, age-appropriate presentations for each grade.  We can create a whole day of learning and create a movement for change in your school.

(K to Grade 6)

Climate Change & Manitoba: Science, Impacts & Solutions

How do we know that our climate is changing? Why is this happening? What’s wrong with warmer temperatures? What can we do about it?

(Grade 5 to University)

Climate Change – Impacts and Adaptation (2.7 MB PDF)

Climate Change Plan B: Preparing for the worst

This presentation is part of a suggested lesson plan for teachers to encourage students to use creative & critical thinking to overcome fear of an uncertain future.

(Grade 9 to University)

CCC Plan B – 2014 (2.5 MB PDF)

Carbon Footprint

A presentation developed to allow youth to understand how they produce greenhouse gas emission and how we can’t point our fingers at anyone else.  The presentation allows for great discussion about environmental impacts and individual solutions.  During the presentation, students will be colouring their own personal footprint as a means of understanding their personal contribution to climate change.

(Grade 5 to Grade 12)

Environmental Issues in Manitoba

This presentation was created to outline the major environmental changes in Manitoba.  The idea is to identify issues, talk about solutions, and make community connections.  This presentation is updated with each presentation, to ensure we are current and topical.

(Grade 5 to University)

Awareness to Action

We have been talking about climate change for 30 plus years now, but why are we still talking and not acting?  As we discuss climate change, we will also discuss engagement and messaging.  The presentation uses many different mediums, and focuses on classroom discussion.

(Grade 5 to Grade 12)

The Climate Reality (offered by Climate Reality Canada)

The Climate Reality Project Canada offers presentations by Al Gore trained presenters.  We use the same slide deck Al Gore uses when he presents.  The presentation focuses on up-to-date science and climate change evidence.  To book a Climate Reality presentation, visit the Climate Reality Canada website or contact us.

(Grade 9 to General Public)

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