CCC Co-chair

The direction of Climate Change Connection is set by our Steering Committee. That committee is led by two very passionate and capable co-chairpeople:

Danny Blair

Danny Blair is a Professor of the Department of Geography at the University of Winnipeg.

Danny Blair is a climatologist with a Ph.D. from the University of Manitoba, where he studied the climatology of southern Manitoba. His principal areas of research expertise are concerned with

  • map-pattern classification
  • evidence and impacts of climate change on the prairie provinces
  • climate variability related to teleconnections (e.g. El Nino)
  • paleoclimate reconstructions using precipitation isotopes
  • the thunderstorm hazard
  • the effects of climate change on transportation

He teaches a variety of courses related to climatology, meteorology, and natural hazards.

Contact Information:

Tel: (204) 786-9236
Fax: (204) 774-4134
Email: d.blair (at)

Glen Koroluk

Glen is the Executive Director of the Manitoba Eco-Network (MbEN). He joined us in January 2019.

MbEN is an umbrella for more than 70 environmental non-governmental organizations, and is affiliated with the Canadian Environmental Network and regional networks across the country. MbEN undertakes educational programs on a variety of issues, including hosting the Climate Change Connection and the Water Caucus Program at the Eco-Centre in downtown Winnipeg.

Other programs and projects include

  • workshops on environmental assessment
  • the links between the environment and human health
  • hosting the Manitoba Environmental Youth Network (MEYN)
  • educating Winnipeggers about the benefits and logistics of pesticide-free lawn care

The Eco-Network is home to the Alice Chambers Memorial Library, and publisher of Manitoba’s primary environmental news-magazine, Eco-Journal.

As well, MbEN provides referral and information services to the general public.

Contact Information:

Tel: (204) 947-6511
Fax: 1-866-237-3130
E-mail: executivedirector (at)

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