GoldenBoyThe Province of Manitoba is a founding member and ongoing supporter of Climate Change Connection.

The Climate Change & Air Quality branch of the Province’s Department of Sustainable Development is a sponsoring partner and is actively involved on Climate Change Connection’s Steering Committee.


The Province of Manitoba has been involved in a variety of activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to address climate change effects. These actions have ranged from support for fundamental climate change research and development to support for reducing the emissions from new and existing facilities.

Climate change research and development covering a wide area of topics has received assistance. These range from research into the past climatic record of the province to a wind energy resource assessment.

In terms of reducing emissions, some of the more notable efforts include the conversion of Manitoba Hydro’s Selkirk Generation Station from coal to natural gas, the use of procurement policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the advanced energy-efficiency standards adopted in construction of new capital projects such as the new Red River Community College downtown campus.

Climate Change Task Force

In early 2001, the Manitoba government established the Manitoba Climate Change Task Force to gather information, opinions and recommendations that would assist the Government in developing a climate change action plan. In order to foster public input, the Task Force conducted a series of formal public meetings, established its own website and solicited presentations from specific experts, the general public and youth.

Following public consultations, the Task Force published its report, Manitoba and Climate Change – Investing in our Future, in September 2001. The Premier of Manitoba accepted the recommendations of the Task Force, which included ratification of the Kyoto Protocol.

Action Plan

In 2008, the Province of Manitoba released Beyond Kyoto: Manitoba’s Green Future. This plan set out a series of greenhouse gas emission reduction and carbon sequestration actions intended to meet Manitoba’s Kyoto GHG emission reduction targets.

The Manitoba government has been working to develop a new Green Plan that is scheduled for release some time in 2017.

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