Treaty banning dangerous chemicals helped Arctic wildlife, study shows

    Aug 30, 2018- CBC News-

    Stockholm Convention, signed by 152 countries in 2001, aims to eradicate use of pollutants


    The future looks grim after 2 years of devastating B.C. wildfires

    Aug 28, 2018- CBC News-

    “What we thought was going to be an average condition in 2050, we’re starting to see those conditions coming a lot sooner…”


    Give bikes a chance: Winnipeg needs to change so people have transportation choices

    Aug 25, 2018- CBC Opinion-

    “My transition to cyclist was slow, incremental and built around moving to a more bike-friendly neighbourhood…”


    ‘This is about what we breathe’: Doctors warn about health impacts of climate change

    Aug 21, 2018- CBC News-

    While fires continue to burn, smothering the province under a cloud of smoke, a group of Canadian doctors says wildfires in British Columbia illustrate the threat to human health posed by climate change.


    Wildfires can triple permafrost thaw in N.W.T., Alberta for up to 30 years, says study

    Aug 22, 2018- CBC News-

    ‘Those ecosystems are now sort of indefinitely changed,’ says lead researcher


    Arctic’s strongest sea ice breaks up for first time on record

    Aug 21, 2018- The Guardian-

    The oldest and thickest sea ice in the Arctic has started to break up, opening waters north of Greenland that are normally frozen, even in summer.


    How millions of miraculous trees are reining in the Sahara desert

    Aug 17, 2018- The Guardian-

    This week the Upside looks at a transformation of the environment in Africa, and other tales of hope


    This house is heated on 2 hair dryers’ worth of energy in winter

    Aug 17, 2018 – CBC News –

    Manitobans are starting to become aware of how comfortable and economical Passive Houses are. This article looks at one of a growing number of local contractors who are building to this standard.


    Global warming ‘pause’ about to end, raise Earth’s temperatures further

    Aug 16, 2018- CBC News-

    Natural variabilities will make an already warming planet even hotter through 2022


    Solar Eclipsed

    Aug 16, 2018- CBC News-

    This boom year for solar power could quickly go bust, after a subsidy program expired in April with nothing planned to replace it.


    Marine heat waves threaten underwater wildlife

    Aug 15, 2018- CBC News-

    Sea critters have evolved to survive within a fairly narrow band of temperatures compared to those on land


    B.C. declares state of emergency as hundreds of wildfires burn across province

    Aug 15, 2018- CBC News-

    560 fires are burning across B.C. and thousands of residents are affected by evacuation orders


    Banff, Jasper and Calgary record highest temperature increases: study

    Aug 14, 2018- CBC News-

    A researcher from the University of Calgary says temperatures are on the rise across Alberta but Calgary, along with Banff and Jasper national parks, are really feeling the heat.


    How one Canadian food court eliminated 117 bags of garbage a day

    Aug 10, 2018- CBC News-

    The food court at Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto used to generate 120 bags of garbage a day. Now it produces just three — despite the fact that it serves noodles, fried chicken, burgers and other fast foods to 24,000 customers a day.


    Blocking sunlight to cool Earth may not save crops from climate change

    Aug 8, 2018- CBC News –

    Aside from reducing CO2 emissions, scientists have proposed geoengineering, the deliberate manipulation of the environment through technology, as a way to combat global warming.


    Black widow spiders creep northward

    Aug 9, 2018 – CBC News –

    Climate change is changing the habitats and ranges of all kinds of creatures. As the planet warms, many species have to move northward to find the climate that they have adapted to.


    California fighting its biggest ever wildfire

    August 7, 2018- CBC News-


    A Northern California wildfire became the biggest in state history on Tuesday, eclipsing a previous record set only eight months ago, as hot, windy conditions fanned 17 blazes in what Gov. Jerry Brown has called California’s “new normal.”


    Planet at risk of heading towards irreversible ‘hothouse’ conditions, new report says

    August 6, 2018- CBC News-


    Maximizing chances of avoiding ‘hothouse’ state requires more than just reducing greenhouse gas emissions


    Plastic degrading in the ocean produces greenhouse gas, new study says

    Aug 5, 2018 – Canadian Press

    Many people who care about the environment are concerned about climate change and about plastic pollution. This article shows that the two issues are actually related.


    Fraser River is now so warm it may kill migrating sockeye salmon

    Aug 3, 2018 –  CBC News –


    Waters staying above 20 C for days, which causes high stress and ‘pre-spawn mortality’ in fish, DFO says


    Earth Overshoot Day – what to make of this moment of reckoning?

    August 1, 2018- New Scientist-


    Earth Overshoot Day is a hugely popular way to highlight our global environmental impact. Here are two views on it…


    Cap-and-trade style carbon tax plan unveiled for Manitoba’s biggest emitters

    July 30, 2018- CBC News-


    While nearly all Manitoban residents and companies will simply pay a flat tax $25 per tonne of carbon emissions, a select few large industrial emitters will pay taxes based on an entirely different framework.


    Another El Nino is likely on its way: Here’s what to expect

    August 1,  2018- CBC News-


    Fires north of the Arctic Circle. Record-setting temperatures in England. More than 60 dead in Japan and 70 in Quebec due to heat-related causes. A fast-moving fire that wiped out an entire Greek town, killing more than 90 people…


    Europe’s heat wave hits record highs hurting crops, animals and prompting wildfires

    July 31, 2018- CBC News-


    The heat wave gripping large stretches of Europe has already been blamed for deadly forest fires and crop failures. Now freshwater fish could be the next victims.


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