North Pole thaws mid-winter as temperatures smash records in the Arctic

    Feb 28, 2018 – CBC News –

    The North Pole thawed recently, hitting above-freezing temperatures, and experts say it’s because of a burst of warm, southern air coupled with diminishing Arctic sea ice. Above-freezing temperatures over the weekend, particularly near the coast of Greenland, are a result of the jet stream getting “loopy.”


    Manitoba signs federal climate-change plan

    Feb 23, 2018 – CBC News –

    After months of agreeing to disagree with the federal government, Manitoba has signed on to Ottawa’s climate-change plan. At least for the next two years.


    Feds expect Manitoba to get on board with carbon strategy

    Feb 10, 2018 – Winnipeg Free Press –

    The federal and provincial environment ministers say they’re still talking, as Ottawa’s deadline looms for $66 million in carbon retrofits for Manitoba.


    Polar bears could become extinct faster than was feared, study says

    Feb 1, 2018 – The Guardian –

    Polar bears could be sliding towards extinction faster than previously feared, with the animals facing an increasing struggle to find enough food to survive as climate change steadily transforms their environment.


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