Five Things: the next steps for getting the Trans Mountain project done

    May 29, 2018- The Canadian Press-

    The federal government announced a plan Tuesday to spend $4.5 billion on buying the Trans Mountain pipeline and most of current owner Kinder Morgan Canada’s other assets in order to ensure a plan to twin the pipeline is allowed to proceed. Here are five things that have to happen next:


    EU proposes to ban plastic straws, stirs, and cotton buds

    May 28, 2018- The Associated Press-

    The European Union has proposed banning plastic products like cotton buds, straws, stirs and balloon sticks when alternatives are easily available in an attempt to reduce litter spoiling beaches and ocean beds.


    Liberal government to buy Trans Mountain pipeline for $4.5B

    May 29, 2018- CBC News-


    The Liberal government will buy the Trans Mountain pipeline and related infrastructure for $4.5 billion, and could spend billions more to build the controversial expansion.


    Research needed on impact of microplastics on B.C. shellfish industry: study

    May 23, 2018- The Canadian Press-

    A scientific study that found high levels of microplastics in the ocean near British Columbia’s primary shellfish farms has scientists calling for more research to assess the impact of the pollution on the industry.


    B.C. and N.B. floods a warning of what’s to come, climate change researchers say

    May 24, 2018- CBC News-


    “The most recent flooding in New Brunswick and south-central British Columbia are reminders we can no longer ‘cheat the system’ on flood risk…”


    Car dealer tactics stall electric car sales

    May 24, 2018- BBC News-


    “Dismissive” car dealers are a major barrier to boosting sales of electric vehicles (EVs) according to a new study.


    Blue carbon is the billion-dollar resource you’ve never heard of

    May 22, 2018- CBC News-


    Mud and plants along the Bay of Fundy soak up 3-5 times more carbon than trees


    Shell faces shareholder challenge over climate change approach

    May 20, 2018- The Guardian-


    Investors back resolution calling on oil giant to set tougher carbon targets in line with Paris climate deal


    Climate change puts city’s ash trees at greater risk from killer insect, researchers say

    May 18, 2018- Winnipeg Free Press-


    The city estimates it could lose all of its estimated 356,000 ash trees if the insect infestation gets out of hand. About 200 traps are being set up in June in hopes of catching the critters.


    How to go plastic free and cut waste in the kitchen

    May 18, 2018- CBC News-


    It’s all about changing your habits, says waste-free Saskatoon resident.


    NASA study reveals humans are dramatically shifting global freshwater sources

    May 17, 2018- CBC Radio-


    Human activity is having a huge impact on how wet the earth is — so much so that it’s affecting the planet’s gravitational field, according to researchers at NASA.


    Farmers adapt to dry conditions, with rainfall well below normal across southern Australia’s grain, sheep and cattle heartlands

    May 13, 2018- ABC News-


    For those with even the greenest of thumbs, keeping a backyard garden or front lawn alive when rain doesn’t fall is a struggle. So how do Australian farmers plan to keep the country fed?


    Vancouver votes to ban plastic straws, foam cups and containers by June 2019

    May 16, 2018- CBC News-


    Vancouver has voted to ban the distribution of plastic straws as well as foam take-out containers and cups as part of its zero-waste strategy.


    Costa Rica to ban fossil fuels and become world’s first decarbonised society

    May 10, 2018- The Independent-


    New president embraces ‘titanic and beautiful task’ of complete renewable energy transition.


    California mandates solar panels on all new homes by 2020

    May 11, 2018- CBC News-


    Right now, about one in five new homes in California comes with solar panels already installed. In two years, it will be all of them.


    Even underground oilsands mines can harm forest wildlife

    May 10, 2018- The Canadian Press-


    On average, development decreased presence of moose, black bears, fishers and foxes…


    Manitoba’s trucking industry tears province’s carbon tax plan as ‘lip service’

    May 7th, 2018- Winnipeg Free Press-


    It’s not because they don’t want to pay it they say, but because of the manner in which the province has decided to use those additional revenues – not to encourage business to invest in green technologies but to use the revenue to cut income taxes and reduce the deficit.


    Province needs ‘miserable rain’

    May 8, 2018- Winnipeg Free Press-


    Latitudes north of Manitoba are predicted to have an increasing precipitation trend. Areas in the North American southwest are predicted to get drier. Manitoba is in a transition zone. Consequently, we can expect to see an increase in extremes of both flood and drought as climate change takes effect.


    Arctic ice melt, increased shipping endangers whales: study

    May 4, 2018- CBC News-


    Melting ice caused by climate change has given ships more access to Arctic waters, which researchers say could have serious consequences for the survival of bowhead and beluga whales.


    The solution to climate change might be in your fridge

    May 3, 2018- CBC News-


    Almost two-thirds of the food-associated greenhouse gas waste occurs on the consumer end, including anyone that handles food, from grocery stores to restaurants and, especially, inside our own homes.


    Poor countries face ‘unfair pattern’ of temperature swings

    May 3, 2018- CBC News-


    Study says tropics, where soil moisture helps control fluctuations, particularly at risk.


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