How climate change is behind this week’s extreme cold snap

    Jan. 31, 2019- CBC News-

    With wind chill values, it could feel like –51 C in some parts of Canada and U.S.


    Trump used the polar vortex to mock global warming. This map shows how wrong he is.

    Jan. 29, 2019- Vox-

    Trump tweeted, “What the hell is going on with Global Warming?” Well, it’s still happening.


    How green are avocados? (Yes, that’s a trick question)

    Jan. 25, 2019- CBC News-

    Also: More alternatives to road salt


    Playing for the planet: How scientists use gaming to talk about climate change

    Jan. 24, 2019- CBC News-

    Using video games to make the impacts of climate change “tangible,” aims to help politicians make informed decisions.


    What can we do, right now, about climate change?

    Jan. 21, 2019- The Guardian-

    Global environment editor, Jonathan Watts, describes the shifts needed to keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5C.


    Australia heatwave: overnight minimum of 35.9C in Noona sets new record

    Jan. 18, 2019- The Guardian-

    On fifth day of record-breaking extreme weather, temperatures in parts of Victoria, ACT and NSW forecast to soar above 40C, including in Sydney’s west


    Wind power making gains as competitive source of electricity

    Jan. 16, 2019- CBC News-

    Recent contracts awarded in Alberta and Saskatchewan will keep electricity prices low


    Coal-fired plants shutting down, despite Trump’s promises

    Jan. 14, 2019- CBC News-

    With cheaper natural gas and renewables, aging coal generators too expensive to keep up


    Winnipeg lacks the financial dexterity to deal with mundane climate change

    Jan. 13, 2019- CBC News-

    Rather than a catastrophe, new and numerous financial headaches threaten the city


    Carbon emissions up as Trump agenda rolls back climate change work

    Jan. 8, 2019- The Guardian-

    Last year’s 3.4% jump in emissions is the largest since 2010 recession and second largest gain in more than two decades


    Climate change was the driving force behind destructive 2017 B.C. wildfire season, study says

    Jan. 8, 2019- CBC News-

    Researchers suggest global warming increased area burned up to 11 times


    Wildfire soot darkening glaciers could speed up melt rate, scientists fear

    Jan. 7, 2019- CBC News-

    Soot and smoke contribute to melting of glaciers, as darkening ice absorbs more sunlight


    2018 was 4th warmest year on record, EU climate change report finds

    Jan. 7, 2019- CBC News-

    This year will also likely be hot, Copernicus Climate Change Service says


    A new climate deal has entered into force. It could change the course of our warming planet

    Jan. 3, 2019- National Observer-

    While celebrating our joint efforts and ultimate success, the world has to now brace itself for a new climate reality


    Winnipeg Transit wants to know cost of buying up to 20 electric buses

    Jan. 2, 2019- CBC News-

    Estimate for ‘test fleet’ a baby step toward electrification; No source of funding yet known


    Here’s what’s on the radar for climate change in 2019

    Jan. 1, 2019- CBC News-

    Could this year be a tipping point — for better or for worse?


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