B.C. judge approves Victoria’s plastic bag bylaw going into effect in July

    June 19, 2018- The Canadian Press-


    The mayor of Victoria is hailing a court victory allowing the city to enact a bylaw that will prohibit grocery stores from offering or selling plastic bags to shoppers.


    111 million tonnes of plastic waste will have nowhere to go by 2030 due to Chinese import ban: study

    June 20, 2018- CBC News-


    “Frankly countries like [the U.S.] and Canada — these high-income countries, wealthy countries that have waste management infrastructure — need to move toward domestic management,”


    Feds set new standards for trucks, buses to cut tailpipe emissions

    June 14, 2018- The Canadian Press-


    Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says transport trucks and school buses built after 2020 will have to be more efficient and produce fewer greenhouse gases.


    What if Canada had backed wind energy instead of the oil sands?

    June 2018- The Guardian-


    “Make no mistake,” the finance minister said. “This is an investment in Canada’s future.”

    In fact, since 1999, more than $200bn has been invested into the Alberta oil sands for that future. But what if that cash had gone into wind energy instead?


    Province names advisory council on climate plan

    June 12, 2018- CBC News-


    A group from academics, business, sustainable development and conservation will help the Progressive Conservative government implement its made-in-Manitoba climate change plan.


    Carbon Farming Works. Can It Scale up in Time to Make a Difference?

    June 12, 2018- Civil Eats-


    The idea of crafting farm-specific carbon plans grew out of the Marin Carbon Project, a collaborative research effort between landowners John Wick and Peggy Rathmann, scientists at the University of California, and several conservation groups.


    3 trillion tons of Antarctic ice lost since 1992, seas rising, study suggests

    June 13, 2018- CBC News-


    Contribution to global rise in sea level is now almost 3 times higher than earlier estimates, report says


    Trucking industry green-driven

    May 30, 2018- Winnipeg Free Press (opinion)-


    The Pallister government might not expect to see environmental groups like the Green Action Centre working together with the Manitoba Trucking Association to advance a similar agenda, but it is not surprising.


    Rising carbon dioxide levels are turning rice and fish into junk food

    June 8, 2018- CBC Radio-


    Exposure to more CO2 means crops don’t absorb the same amount of micronutrients from the soil, they produce more starches and sugars, less protein and Vitamin B.


    A ‘carbon bubble’ is coming, and Canada’s oilsands are doomed: study

    June 5, 2018- Global News-


    “This is going to have massive economic consequences,” said lead study author Jean-Francois Mercure.


    Disclosing climate-related financial information is a game changer

    June 5, 2018- Public Finance International-


    Global markets need standardised, accessible information about the climate risks faced by investments and businesses


    Singh, municipal leaders tackle climate change at FCM conference in Halifax

    June 2, 2018- Winnipeg Free Press-


    In his speech, he told the packed ballroom at the Halifax Convention Centre that municipalities need to invest in reducing their emissions and introducing programs to promote green alternatives.


    Canada-wide rules to cut plastic waste proposed by 33 environmental groups

    June 4, 2018- CBC News-


    Zero plastics declaration wants 75% recycled content in single-use plastics, ban on PVC, styrofoam


    ‘It’s not easy. We need a shift in our mindset’: Study says reform best-before labels to reduce food waste

    May 31, 2018- CBC News-


    “When they see ‘best before’ they think it means if they eat it afterwards, there’s going to be a health problem. That’s not true.”


    Electric-powered commercial trucks could be key to hitting climate change targets

    May 31, 2018- CBC News-


    While businesses try their best to make innovative solutions, Merida said governments need to take more action to create the infrastructure to support new green technology, like charging and refuelling stations.


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