Typhoon Mangkhut leaves death and destruction from Philippines to Hong Kong

    Sept 17, 2018- CBC News- The typhoon struck Asian population centres as tropical weather also was devastating the southern U.S….+

    Electric cars exceed 1m in Europe as sales soar by more than 40%

    Aug 26, 2018- The Guardian- Milestone reached nearly a year after China but ahead of the US

    See how hot Canadian cities are becoming

    Sept 16, 2018- CBC News- ‘Bar code charts’ created by British scientist illustrate worldwide warming

    Gail Asper offers $1 million to match donations for experimental lakes

    Sept 12, 2018- Winnipeg Free Press- A Winnipeg couple is calling on Canadians to shore up the future of the…+

    New Edmonton plant makes fertilizer from waste water

    Sept 12, 2018- CBC News- Phosphorous and nitrogen removed from wastewater and turned into ‘pearls’ of fertilizer

    Greenpeace suing Ontario government over cancellation of cap-and-trade program

    Sept 11, 2018- CBC News- Lawyers for Ecojustice, in conjunction with uOttawa-Ecojustice Environmental Law Clinic, filed the suit

    UN says more worldwide going hungry, blames climate change

    Sept 11, 2018- CBC News- South America and Africa showed the worst increase, which reverses previous downward trend

    Summer heat made a huge ‘snow swamp’ on a Yukon glacier

    Sept 10, 2018- CBC News- ‘To see this large an area form so quickly — I’ve never seen that before,’…+

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