Thawing of Earth’s ‘3rd pole’ could affect 1.9 billion people, study says

    Feb. 4, 2019- CBC News- Lead author calls melting of glaciers in Asia ‘the climate crisis you haven’t heard of’

    Rising CO2 won’t make trees grow more, study suggests

    Feb. 4, 2019- CBC News- Research into ancient cedars in Quebec shows we may need to change predictions of vegetation,…+

    Australia’s extreme heat is sign of things to come, scientists warn

    Feb. 1st, 2019- The Guardian- Hottest month ever shows temperatures rising faster than predicted, say climate experts

    How climate change is behind this week’s extreme cold snap

    Jan. 31, 2019- CBC News- With wind chill values, it could feel like –51 C in some parts of Canada…+

    Trump used the polar vortex to mock global warming. This map shows how wrong he is.

    Jan. 29, 2019- Vox- Trump tweeted, “What the hell is going on with Global Warming?” Well, it’s still happening.

    How green are avocados? (Yes, that’s a trick question)

    Jan. 25, 2019- CBC News- Also: More alternatives to road salt

    Playing for the planet: How scientists use gaming to talk about climate change

    Jan. 24, 2019- CBC News- Using video games to make the impacts of climate change “tangible,” aims to help politicians…+

    What can we do, right now, about climate change?

    Jan. 21, 2019- The Guardian- Global environment editor, Jonathan Watts, describes the shifts needed to keep global warming to a…+

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