Does responsible consumption benefit companies more than consumers?

Sep 9, 2014 – Fast Company Fair trade coffee and hybrid cars don’t solve our environmental and social ills. But…+

As Energy East application nears, communities weigh risks, benefits of pipeline

Sep 9, 2014 – Canadian Press CALGARY – For the mayor of North Bay, Ont., it’s all about protecting the…+

Hundreds die in India, Pakistan after heaviest rain in 50 years

Sep, 9, 2014 – Reuters The death toll from the heaviest rain to fall on Kashmir in 50 years rose…+

New technologies being used to extract bitumen from oil sands

Sep 6, 2014 – Economist In the past decade high oil prices have made the oil sands profitable to exploit….+

World’s last remaining forest wilderness at risk

Sep 5, 2014 – IPS UXBRIDGE, ON – The world’s last remaining forest wilderness is rapidly being lost – and…+

As Keystone awaits fate, other tar sands projects move forward

Sep 4, 2014 – Aljazeera The US federal government has quietly approved major tar sands transportation projects with unstudied environmental…+

Indigenous Peoples at forefront of People’s Climate March in New York City

Sep 4, 2014 – Indian Country The weekend before the U.N. Climate Summit, the rank-and-file are descending upon New York…+

The case for a moratorium on Tar Sands development

Sep 4, 2014 – Yale 360 In a widely publicized commentary in Nature this summer, aquatic ecologist Wendy Palen and…+

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