Ban Ki-Moon says Canada must do more on climate change

Dec 5, 2014 – CBC News Ban Ki-moon, in an exclusive interview with CBC News, says Canada needs to stop…+

Green energy sector jobs surpass total oil sands employment

Dec 2, 2014 – Globe and Mail Canada’s green energy sector has grown so quickly and has become such an…+

Canada’s climate inaction leaves it ‘increasingly isolated’ ahead of COP 20

Dec 1, 2014 – CBC News Canada is looking “increasingly isolated” as former climate policy laggards such as the U.S….+

Climate change survey reveals Canadians’ fears for future generations

Nov 28, 2014 – CBC News A new Environics poll of 2,020 people revealed 50 per cent of respondents are…+

Winnipeg’s first battery-powered electric bus goes into service

Nov 27,2014 – Winnipeg Free Press Winnipeg has zapped itself to the head of the pack of battery-electric bus service…+

David Suzuki delivers fiery speech to Kinder Morgan protesters

Nov 23, 2014 – Vancouver Observer Legendary environmental leader David Suzuki walked up to a police line defending Kinder Morgan…+

Ontario and Quebec governments sign cooperation agreements on Energy East, climate change

Nov 21, 2014 – Canadian Press TORONTO – Ontario has joined with Quebec to set out the conditions, including the…+

Snow-covered Buffalo area faces risk of roof collapses, flooding

Nov 21, 2014 – CBC News A snowfall that brought huge drifts and closed roads in the Buffalo area finally…+

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