Ban on throw-away plastics backed by EU

Oct. 24, 2018- CBC News- Straws, some bags, cotton-buds to be forced out by 2021

Clean tech solutions need to scale up in the battle against climate change, experts say

Oct. 24, 2018- CBC News- Energy storage, electric cars, sharing-economy apps and telecommuting could all help

UN climate fund gets ‘back on rails’ ahead of December talks

Oct. 22, 2018- CBC News- Green Climate Fund approves $1 billion in new projects, including water and transit programs

Trans Mountain pipeline review must look at impact on global health emergency of climate change

Oct. 21, 2018- CBC Opinions- Federal pipeline needs independent assessment, global health leaders say

‘Hotter hot spells and colder cold spells’: climate change already making mark on Manitoba

Oct. 14, 2018- CBC News- If you think Manitoba will be sheltered from the dire consequences of global warming, think…+

Global warming could make beer scarcer and costlier, study finds

Oct. 15, 2018- CBC News- Findings come week after dire UN report describes consequences of dangerous levels of climate change

How a warming Arctic speeds up climate change — and spreads its damage

Oct. 11, 2018- CBC News- It’s no mystery why the Arctic is warming 2 to 3 times faster than anywhere…+

Nestlé, Tim Hortons named Canada’s top plastic polluters

Oct. 10, 2018- CBC News- Recyclability doesn’t seem to help keep trash out of waterways, Greenpeace audit finds

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