A quarter of all tweets about climate change are produced by bots

    Feb 23, 2020 – Grist – A new analysis has found that a quarter of all tweets about climate on…+

    Sky-high potential for airships

    Feb 12, 2020 – Winnipeg Free Press – University of Manitoba professor Barry Prentice believes that investing in airships (as…+

    Quebec invests $30-million in airship company

    Feb 5, 2020 – Canadian Press – The Québec government is investing $30-million in a French company, Flying Whales and…+

    Permafrost collapse is speeding climate change: study

    Feb 4, 2020 – CTV News “Although abrupt permafrost thawing will occur in less than 20 percent of frozen land,…+

    Opposition to Trans Mountain pipeline expansion spikes 11 percentage points, survey suggests

    Jan 28, 2020 – CBC News – In Quebec, Ontario and B.C., public opinion seems to have turned sharply against…+

    BlackRock Is Getting Serious About Climate Change. Is This a Turning Point for Investors?

    Jan 27, 2020 – World Resources Institute – BlackRock is the world’s largest asset management firm. In January, it announced…+

    Goodbye, gas furnaces? Why electrification is the future of home heating

    Jan 20,2020 – CBC News – We need to completely eliminate the burning of fossil fuel in the next few…+

    Alberta tar sands project to test Trudeau’s climate pledge in 2020

    Dec 27, 2019 – CBC News – One of the first things Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has to decide…+

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