Emission action needed or issues will get worse: climate change scientist

Apr 26, 2017 – Winnipeg Free Press – The world is heating up — and much more quickly than expected,…+

Next stop: a better transit system?

Apr 23, 2017 – The Metro – Winnipeg transit advocates are hoping an event series could spark a movement calling…+

March for Science puts Earth Day focus on global opposition to Trump

Apr 22, 2o17 – The Guardian – More than 600 marches took place around the world, on every continent bar…+

Changing minds on a changing climate

Apr 18, 2017 – Yale Climate Connections – Reddit online commenters point to reasons they went from being climate contrarians…+

“Justin Trudeau is a disaster for the planet” – Bill McKibben

Apr 17, 2017 – The Guardian – OPINION – “Donald Trump is a creep and unpleasant to look at, but…+

Climate change action is good for the economy – and Britain is the proof

Apr 9, 2017 – The Guardian – When British Prime Minister John Major set up his global warming strategy for the…+

Renewables cut Europe’s carbon emissions by 10% in 2015, says EEA

Apr 3, 2017 – The Guardian – European Environment Agency reports solar and and wind is reducing fossil fuel dependency…+

The big, nearly 200-year-old legal issue at the heart of the Dakota Access pipeline fight

Mar 13, 2017 – Vox – Tribal sovereignty is a concept that even some of the protesters may not be…+

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