Electric vehicles are gaining momentum, despite Trump

June 27, 2018- Vox-   Policymakers and analysts are digging into the details of how to get more EVs on…+

Canada’s largest national park, UNESCO site threatened: environmental assessment

June 26, 2018- The Guardian-   Oilsands activity, climate change, and hydro development are fundamentally changing the environment of Wood…+

More than 20 countries aim to toughen climate goals by 2020

June 21, 2018- CBC News-   Leaked draft of report says warming is set to exceed 1.5 C above pre-industrial…+

Ciclovia events aim to draw more women in to Winnipeg’s bike culture

June 24, 2018- CBC News-   “We want to see more people riding bikes and in order to do that,…+

B.C. judge approves Victoria’s plastic bag bylaw going into effect in July

June 19, 2018- The Canadian Press- The mayor of Victoria is hailing a court victory allowing the city to enact…+

111 million tonnes of plastic waste will have nowhere to go by 2030 due to Chinese import ban: study

June 20, 2018- CBC News-   “Frankly countries like [the U.S.] and Canada — these high-income countries, wealthy countries that have waste management…+

Feds set new standards for trucks, buses to cut tailpipe emissions

June 14, 2018- The Canadian Press- Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says transport trucks and school buses built after 2020 will…+

What if Canada had backed wind energy instead of the oil sands?

June 2018- The Guardian-   “Make no mistake,” the finance minister said. “This is an investment in Canada’s future.” In…+

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