Tiny farm grows giant crop in old Dartmouth shipping container

    July 21, 2018- CBC News-   Farming inside shipping containers is the latest trend in urban agriculture, a way to get…+

    Heat Wave Scorches Sweden as Wildfires Rage in the Arctic Circle

    July 19, 2018- The New York Times-   As Europe grapples with near-record temperatures and sustained drought, Sweden has become…+

    Atlantic circulation is not collapsing — but as it shifts gears, warming will reaccelerate

    July 18, 2018- Science Daily-   Data suggest that the recent, rapid slowdown of the Atlantic Ocean circulation is not…+

    ‘We have to start getting used to it’: Record-breaking temperatures heating up the globe

    July 19, 2018- CBC News-   From Siberia to Africa to North America, it’s been unusually hot

    Livestock with less methane: Scientists seek ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

    July 19, 2018- CBC News-   By breeding stock, improving feed and planting trees, scientists try to reduce gases from…+

    All aboard: Manitoba couple converting used school bus into eco-friendly, affordable home

    July 17, 2018- CBC News-   For more than a decade, it hauled students to and from school, field trips…+

    Global firm bans meat at company events in effort to be greener

    July 16, 2018- CBC News-   WeWork will use less water and produce less carbon dioxide as well as saving…+

    Over a billion people struggle to stay cool as Earth warms

    July 16, 2018- CBC News-   Heat stress linked to climate change likely to cause 38,000 extra deaths a year

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