‘It’s not easy. We need a shift in our mindset’: Study says reform best-before labels to reduce food waste

    May 31, 2018- CBC News-   “When they see ‘best before’ they think it means if they eat it afterwards,…+

    Electric-powered commercial trucks could be key to hitting climate change targets

    May 31, 2018- CBC News-   While businesses try their best to make innovative solutions, Merida said governments need to…+

    Five Things: the next steps for getting the Trans Mountain project done

    May 29, 2018- The Canadian Press- The federal government announced a plan Tuesday to spend $4.5 billion on buying the…+

    EU proposes to ban plastic straws, stirs, and cotton buds

    May 28, 2018- The Associated Press- The European Union has proposed banning plastic products like cotton buds, straws, stirs and…+

    Liberal government to buy Trans Mountain pipeline for $4.5B

    May 29, 2018- CBC News-   The Liberal government will buy the Trans Mountain pipeline and related infrastructure for $4.5…+

    Research needed on impact of microplastics on B.C. shellfish industry: study

    May 23, 2018- The Canadian Press- A scientific study that found high levels of microplastics in the ocean near British…+

    B.C. and N.B. floods a warning of what’s to come, climate change researchers say

    May 24, 2018- CBC News-   “The most recent flooding in New Brunswick and south-central British Columbia are reminders we…+

    Car dealer tactics stall electric car sales

    May 24, 2018- BBC News-   “Dismissive” car dealers are a major barrier to boosting sales of electric vehicles (EVs)…+

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