Feds set new standards for trucks, buses to cut tailpipe emissions

    June 14, 2018- The Canadian Press- Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says transport trucks and school buses built after 2020 will…+

    What if Canada had backed wind energy instead of the oil sands?

    June 2018- The Guardian-   “Make no mistake,” the finance minister said. “This is an investment in Canada’s future.” In…+

    Province names advisory council on climate plan

    June 12, 2018- CBC News-   A group from academics, business, sustainable development and conservation will help the Progressive Conservative…+

    Carbon Farming Works. Can It Scale up in Time to Make a Difference?

    June 12, 2018- Civil Eats-   The idea of crafting farm-specific carbon plans grew out of the Marin Carbon Project,…+

    3 trillion tons of Antarctic ice lost since 1992, seas rising, study suggests

    June 13, 2018- CBC News-   Contribution to global rise in sea level is now almost 3 times higher than…+

    Trucking industry green-driven

    May 30, 2018- Winnipeg Free Press (opinion)-   The Pallister government might not expect to see environmental groups like the…+

    Rising carbon dioxide levels are turning rice and fish into junk food

    June 8, 2018- CBC Radio-   Exposure to more CO2 means crops don’t absorb the same amount of micronutrients from the soil, they produce…+

    A ‘carbon bubble’ is coming, and Canada’s oilsands are doomed: study

    June 5, 2018- Global News-   “This is going to have massive economic consequences,” said lead study author Jean-Francois Mercure.

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