$30M project aims to build vertical farm in long-vacant historic building in downtown Brandon

Oct. 14, 2023 – CBC – Brandon Fresh Farms president Adam Morand says his company aims to create a 120,000-square-foot…+

We Really Can Live without Fossil Fuels

Curt Hull, Director of Climate Change Connection and lead author of Manitoba’s Road to Resilience series will host a conversation about…+

Premiers declare victory over Supreme Court impact assessment ruling. Everyone else says, not so fast

Oct. 13, 2023 – The National Observer – Premiers hostile to the Trudeau’s government’s environmental agenda were quick to declare…+

Feds invest $12.4 million in Winnipeg community facility

Oct. 12, 2023 – The Journal of Commerce – The Government of Canada is investing $12.4 million towards construction of…+

The Pope’s Global Warming Challenge World Leaders

Oct. 15, 2023 – The Daily Star – The need for urgent action to address global warming has been the…+

Supreme Court majority rules against federal environmental impact law

Oct. 13, 2023 – City News – The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Friday against federal legislation on the environmental…+

Canada is going all in on carbon capture. Is anyone paying attention to the risks?

Oct. 11, 2023 – The National Observer – When CO2 pipelines fail, they can fail catastrophically, putting human lives in…+

Nine Ideas to Improve Winnipeg’s Livability and Prosperity

Oct. 11, 2023 – Gillett News- This article proposes nine innovative ideas for the new provincial government of Manitoba to…+

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