Planet at risk of heading towards irreversible ‘hothouse’ conditions, new report says

August 6, 2018- CBC News-   Maximizing chances of avoiding ‘hothouse’ state requires more than just reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Plastic degrading in the ocean produces greenhouse gas, new study says

Aug 5, 2018 – Canadian Press Many people who care about the environment are concerned about climate change and about…+

Fraser River is now so warm it may kill migrating sockeye salmon

Aug 3, 2018 –  CBC News –   Waters staying above 20 C for days, which causes high stress and…+

Earth Overshoot Day – what to make of this moment of reckoning?

August 1, 2018- New Scientist-   Earth Overshoot Day is a hugely popular way to highlight our global environmental impact….+

Cap-and-trade style carbon tax plan unveiled for Manitoba’s biggest emitters

July 30, 2018- CBC News-   While nearly all Manitoban residents and companies will simply pay a flat tax $25…+

Another El Nino is likely on its way: Here’s what to expect

August 1,  2018- CBC News-   Fires north of the Arctic Circle. Record-setting temperatures in England. More than 60 dead…+

Europe’s heat wave hits record highs hurting crops, animals and prompting wildfires

July 31, 2018- CBC News-   The heat wave gripping large stretches of Europe has already been blamed for deadly…+

‘A warning’: Acid pollution threatens ecosystems in Alberta and Saskatchewan, study says

July 25, 2018- CBC News-   ‘If we continue to emit at this level, there will be ecosystem damage’

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