Climate model predicts West Antarctic ice sheet could melt rapidly

    Mar 30, 2016 – New York Times Researchers long assumed the worst effects of melting of the West Antarctic ice sheet would…+

    US States Team Up to Nail Big Oil for Climate ‘Fraud’

    Wed Mar 30 – The Tyee A total of 17 state attorneys general agreed to coordinate their investigations against ExxonMobil…+

    Alberta and oil prices: How Middle East geopolitics and religion affect our future

    Mar 27, 2016 – CBC News ANALYSIS – For better or for worse Calgary’s well-being and prospects currently hinge on the…+

    India aims to become 100% e-vehicle nation by 2030

    Mar 25, 2016 – India Times The Indian government is working on a scheme to provide electric cars on zero…+

    Petronas LNG Decision a ‘Watershed Moment’ for Trudeau Liberals, Say Critics

    Mar 10, 2016 – The Tyee The federal NDP, First Nations and environmental groups are calling the Trudeau government’s imminent…+

    Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau to join forces on climate change

    Mar 9, 2016 – The Guardian US and Canadian leaders expected to announce a series of common measures including methane…+

    US agency reaches ‘holy grail’ of battery storage sought by Elon Musk and Gates

    Mar 3, 2016 – The Guardian A US government agency says it has attained the “holy grail” of energy –…+

    Trudeau, premiers meet in Vancouver as views on climate plan diverge

    Mar 2, 2016 – CBC News Premiers from all 13 provinces and territories, along with indigenous leaders, are in Vancouver…+

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