Conservation-minded Manitobans sign up for Hydro’s solar-energy program

Jun 17, 2016 – Winnipeg Free Press More Manitobans than expected are plugging into Manitoba Hydro’s new solar-energy incentives in…+

City’s emissions up 20% since 2007

Jun 17, 2016 – CBC News The City of Winnipeg is belching out more greenhouse gases instead of reducing its corporate…+

Province must invest more in alternative energy: report

June 16, 2016 – Winnipeg Free Press Two separate reports released Thursday argue Manitoba needs to focus less on fossil…+

Why do they love electric cars in the Arctic Circle?

Jun 10, 2016 – BBC News Tromso, Norway is the unlikely focus of the global electric car industry, attracting the…+

Ontario will spend up to $8.3B to fight climate change, offer incentives

Jun 7, 2016 – Canadian Press Ontario’s action plan on climate change will include financial incentives to get cleaner, more…+

Vancouver mayor seeks ‘definitive no’ on Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion

Jun 7, 2016 – Canadian Press OTTAWA — Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and three local First Nation representatives are urging…+

“Bus is better” campaign encourages Winnipeg transit commute as ridership stalls

Jun 3, 2016 – Metro News Ridership hasn’t increased dramatically in years, but there are big things on the horizon…+

Energy East pipeline benefits questioned in secret government memo

May 31, 2016 – CBC News The market conditions that once made TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline an attractive conduit…+

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