The Pope’s Global Warming Challenge World Leaders

Oct. 15, 2023 – The Daily Star – The need for urgent action to address global warming has been the…+

Supreme Court majority rules against federal environmental impact law

Oct. 13, 2023 – City News – The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Friday against federal legislation on the environmental…+

Canada is going all in on carbon capture. Is anyone paying attention to the risks?

Oct. 11, 2023 – The National Observer – When CO2 pipelines fail, they can fail catastrophically, putting human lives in…+

Nine Ideas to Improve Winnipeg’s Livability and Prosperity

Oct. 11, 2023 – Gillett News- This article proposes nine innovative ideas for the new provincial government of Manitoba to…+

Canadian municipalities looking to become ‘spongier’ to build climate resilience

October 8, 2023 – The Canadian Press – From green roofs in Toronto to Vancouver’s rain city strategy, Canadian cities…+

New Manitoba NDP government may not be climate’s best friend

Oct. 6, 2023 – The National Observer – A newly elected Manitoba NDP government doesn’t necessarily mean good outcomes for…+

Climate Scientists: 2023 on track to become hottest year on record

Oct. 5, 2023 – City News – Why is one climate scientist calling data for September “absolutely gobsmackingly bananas”? Melissa…+

‘To our planet, with love’

Oct. 4, 2023 – Winnipeg Free Press- The debut ‘climate fiction’ (or cli-fi) novel by Winnipeg author Jason Pchajek. The…+

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