I Lived Through A Year of ‘Weather Whiplash’ In Our Weird, Warming World

Dec. 4, 2022 – CNET – After praying for rain for weeks, the US state that saw some of the…+

When Will Geothermal Energy Go Mainstream?

Dec. 3, 2022 – Oil – European Commission research showed that geothermal energy could help Europe in its aim…+

Urban outcasts: Leaving our most vulnerable to struggle for themselves in the cold shames this city

Winnipeg Free Press – Dec. 1, 2022 – “The most important work of a city, any city, is to facilitate…+

Droughts, floods and extreme heat: here’s how Manitoba is grappling with its water woes

Nov. 23 – The Narwhal – The Manitoba government is taking a first step toward dealing with water issues made…+

How climate change has helped greener energy businesses take off in Canada

Nov. 22, 2022 – CBC  – Rush to beat heat waves and cold snaps during extreme weather drives demand for…+

Canada must adapt to a changing climate. So must our workforce.

Nov. 14, 2022 – National Observer – Canada’s current failure to prepare our communities is a lost opportunity and must…+

Climate change solutions found through our youth, an opportunity to get started

Nov. 14, 2022 – The Manitoba Government – is encouraging the engagement of the next generation and the environment by…+

Climate conference hears loss of Arctic summer sea ice now inevitable by 2050

Nov. 7, 2022 – CBC – A new report says it’s now inevitable the Arctic will lose its entire summer…+

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