The future looks grim after 2 years of devastating B.C. wildfires

Aug 28, 2018- CBC News- “What we thought was going to be an average condition in 2050, we’re starting to…+

Give bikes a chance: Winnipeg needs to change so people have transportation choices

Aug 25, 2018- CBC Opinion- “My transition to cyclist was slow, incremental and built around moving to a more bike-friendly…+

‘This is about what we breathe’: Doctors warn about health impacts of climate change

Aug 21, 2018- CBC News- While fires continue to burn, smothering the province under a cloud of smoke, a group…+

Wildfires can triple permafrost thaw in N.W.T., Alberta for up to 30 years, says study

Aug 22, 2018- CBC News- ‘Those ecosystems are now sort of indefinitely changed,’ says lead researcher

Arctic’s strongest sea ice breaks up for first time on record

Aug 21, 2018- The Guardian- The oldest and thickest sea ice in the Arctic has started to break up, opening…+

How millions of miraculous trees are reining in the Sahara desert

Aug 17, 2018- The Guardian- This week the Upside looks at a transformation of the environment in Africa, and other…+

This house is heated on 2 hair dryers’ worth of energy in winter

Aug 17, 2018 – CBC News – Manitobans are starting to become aware of how comfortable and economical Passive Houses…+

Global warming ‘pause’ about to end, raise Earth’s temperatures further

Aug 16, 2018- CBC News- Natural variabilities will make an already warming planet even hotter through 2022

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