Record late formation of Hudson Bay sea ice leads to more polar bear clashes

Dec 15, 2016 – Winnipeg Metro News – Manitoba Conservation says the ice didn’t form until well into December, leaving…+

Winnipeg will improve active transportation education and wayfinding

Dec 14, 2016 – Winnipeg Metro News – Although some of Winnipeg’s many, many critics lament how the city is…+

Manitoba will not sign onto national climate change plan

Dec 10, 2016 – CBC News – Manitoba and Saskatchewan were the only two provinces who chose not to sign…+

Transit delays inevitable in blizzard, but advocate says it could be managed better

Dec 8, 2016 – Winnipeg Metro News – Local transit advocates say the effects on bus schedules of brutal traffic…+

Standing Rock protesters celebrate ‘big victory’ as pipeline construction halted

Dec 4, 2016 – CBC News – Standing Rock protesters celebrated Sunday as news broke that construction of the controversial…+

Edmonton fits electric buses into capital budget update

Nov 29, 2016 – Edmonton Journal – A contentious road access, a re-instated neighbourhood construction levy, and a major order…+

City earmarks $15 million for 44 pedestrian, cycling projects

Nov 25, 2016 – Winnipeg Free Press – City hall plans to spend $4.7 million on new pedestrian and cycling…+

Bike grid could boost business: Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

Nov 24, 2016 –  Metro News Winnipeg – Coun. Janice Lukes will try to keep the downtown bike grid plan…+

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