Getting climate action on the education agenda

May 6, 2024 – Winnipeg Free Press – Last school year, a student of mine posed a question that reverberated…+

The uneasy intersection of oil and climate

May 7, 2024 – The Globe and Mail – Oil production – Canada’s largest export – reached another record level…+

Climate change is an added barrier to youth physical activity, report says

May 7, 2024  – The Canadian Press – Heat waves and poor air quality from wildfires pose extra challenges tochildren…+

We might be closer to changing course on climate change than we realized

April 25, 2024 – – Greenhouse gas emissions might have already peaked. Now they need to fall — fast.

Gas companies tell us mixing gas and hydrogen is a climate solution. New research shows it’s not

April 25, 2024 – National Observer – Plans by Canadian gas utilities to blend hydrogen into their natural gas supplies…+

Province restores funding to environmental groups

April 22, 2024 – Winnipeg Free Press – The Manitoba government announced on Earth Day that it is restoring funding…+

Canadian banks are not fighting climate change on their own. They must be legislated

April 21, 2024 – Globe and Mail – Modernizing financial policy for climate action remains the missing piece of Canada’s…+

Carbon Dioxide Levels Have Passed a New Milestone

Apr. 20, 2024 – New York Times – According to data released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Global…+

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